Our Essentials and Essentials Plus packages follow a comprehensive inspection criteria covering up to 307 individual checks.
Please use the below list as a guide to the checks included in each inspection package. Some areas include multiple checks.

  • Body exterior
  • Engine compartment
  • Electrical/controls
  • Interior luggage compartment
  • Front suspension and steering
  • Clutch/transmission – manual
  • Rear suspension and underframe
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel system
  • Brakes
  • Road test
  • Final check
  • General notes and exclusions


Body exterior

Silver Gold
Panel condition/alignment Yes
Paintwork Yes
Exterior trim Yes
Glass Yes Yes
Bumpers/number plates Yes
Door locks/operation Yes Yes
Fuel filler cover/petrol cap Yes Yes
Soft top (operation/condition) Yes
Body damage Yes Yes
Past repair evident * Yes Yes
Corrosion Yes Yes
Mud flaps Yes

Engine compartment

Silver Gold
Coolant level Yes Yes
Coolant leak Yes Yes
Antifreeze Yes Yes
Radiator/cap Yes Yes
Hoses/pipes Yes Yes
Drive belts Yes Yes
Water pump Yes Yes
Power steering fluid level Yes Yes
Clutch fluid level Yes Yes
Brake fluid level Yes Yes
Engine oil level Yes Yes
External leaks (engine) Yes Yes
Engine mountings Yes Yes
Fuel injection Yes
Turbo/super charger Yes Yes
Fuel pump/pipes Yes Yes
Accelerator linkage Yes Yes
Body panels Yes
Bonnet catch Yes
Bonnet hinges Yes
Cold starting Yes Yes
Fast idle (cold) Yes Yes
Noise level (cold) Yes Yes
Excess fumes/smoke Yes Yes


Starting system/ignition lock Yes Yes
Battery charging system Yes Yes
Headlights Yes Yes
Side light/running lights Yes Yes
Rear lights/number plate lights Yes Yes
Stop lights Yes Yes
Indicators/hazard lights Yes Yes
Reverse/fog lights Yes Yes
Auxiliary lights Yes Yes
Panel lights Yes Yes
Mirrors (electric) Yes
Switches/controls Yes Yes
Instrument/controls function Yes Yes
Horn Yes Yes
Radio/cassette/CD/aerial Yes
Heater fan/controls Yes
Air con. operation Yes
Door locking Yes Yes
Window/sunroof operation Yes Yes
Wipers/washers Yes Yes
Headlamp washer/headlamp wiper Yes

Interior luggage compartment

Steering wheel/adjustment Yes
Seat upholstery Yes
Seat mechanism Yes Yes
Seat belts Yes Yes
Carpets Yes
Door trim panels Yes
Door fittings/operation Yes
Door seals/hinges Yes
Interior sills Yes
Headlining/visors Yes
Sunroof Yes
Dash panel (condition) Yes
Cigarette lighter Yes
Mirrors – internal Yes Yes
Rear parcel shelf Yes
Boot/tailgate lock Yes Yes
Luggage area trim/condition Yes
Illumination lights Yes
Tool kit etc. Yes
Soft top material Yes
Tonneau cover Yes

Front suspension and steering

Engine underside leakage Yes Yes
Steering joints/ball joints Yes Yes
Steering rack Yes Yes
Chassis members Yes Yes
Power steering Yes Yes
Wheels hubs/bearings Yes Yes
Springs/suspension unit Yes Yes
Pipes/hoses Yes Yes
Dampers (conditions/leaks) Yes Yes
Gaiters Yes Yes
Sub frames/mountings Yes Yes
Suspension arms/mountings Yes Yes
Tie bars/anti roll bars Yes Yes
Corrosion protection Yes
Corrosion – floor/chassis Yes Yes

Clutch/transmission – manual

Fluid/oil leaks Yes Yes
Cables/adjustment Yes Yes
Hydraulic system Yes Yes
Linkage (wear) Yes Yes
Casings Yes Yes
Mountings Yes Yes
Drive shaft assemblies Yes Yes
Universal/sliding joints Yes Yes
Backlash Yes Yes
Gaiters Yes Yes
Propshaft(s) Yes Yes
Bearings/supports Yes Yes

Rear suspension and underframe

Springs/suspension unit Yes Yes
Anti-roll bar Yes Yes
Dampers/bushes Yes Yes
Suspension arms/fixings Yes Yes
Location rod/fixings Yes Yes
Bumpers stops/gaiters Yes Yes
Wheel hubs/bearings Yes Yes
Pipes/hoses Yes Yes
Sub frames/mountings Yes Yes
Chassis members Yes Yes
Corrosion protection Yes
Corrosion – floor/chassis Yes Yes

Wheels and tyres

Wheel rims Yes
Wheel trims Yes
Front right tyre Yes Yes
Front left tyre Yes Yes
Rear right tyre Yes Yes
Rear left tyre Yes Yes
Spare Yes Yes

Exhaust system

Manifold Yes Yes
Pipes Yes Yes
Silencer(s)/catalyst Yes Yes
Heat shields/mountings Yes Yes
Joints/couplings Yes Yes
System condition Yes Yes

Fuel system

Tank Yes Yes
Tank fixings Yes Yes
Fuel lines Yes Yes
Breather pipes Yes Yes
Evidence of leaks Yes Yes


Master cylinder security Yes Yes
Fluid leaks Yes Yes
Servo/power system Yes Yes
Flexible hoses Yes Yes
Pipes/connections Yes Yes
Discs/pads (if visible) Yes Yes
Hand/parking brake operation/
Yes Yes
Hand/parking brake linkage Yes Yes
Pedal/linkage Yes Yes

Road test

Engine – performance Yes Yes
Engine – noise Yes Yes
Excess smoke Yes Yes
Overheating evidence Yes Yes
Gearbox operation/noise level Yes Yes
Auto changes/kickdown Yes
Final drive operation/noise level Yes Yes
Clutch operation Yes Yes
4wd operation Yes
Cooling fan operation ** Yes Yes
Instrument/controls function Yes Yes
Steering wheel alignment Yes
Steering effort Yes
General steering/handling Yes Yes
Footbrake operation Yes Yes
Hand/parking brake operation Yes Yes
Suspension noise Yes Yes
Road holding/stability Yes Yes
Hot restarting Yes
Warning lights Yes Yes
Cruise control Yes

Final check

Silver GOLD
Leaks – fluid Yes Yes