Finding cheap car insurance

Save money on car insurance

A little research can save you lots of money on your car insurance

Doing some research before buying car insurance can save you hundreds of pounds on your renewal.

Insurers will often ramp up your premium in the second year of your policy, so it always pays to look around for a better deal.

There are three main ways to buy car insurance – direct from an insurer, on a price comparison site or through a broker.

Whichever method you choose, you should first shop around for comparable quotes and try haggling with your provider for a better deal.

But make sure that you’re getting the same level of cover, and that insurers aren’t increasing your excess to give you a lower price.

Once you’ve found the right deal for you, if you’re buying online, consider using a cash back website, such as TopCashback and Quidco, to get money back on your purchase.

If you can, it’s also cheaper to pay your premium in one go to avoid paying high interest rates on monthly payments.

Buying direct from a car insurance company

You can call up or go onto an insurer’s website to get quotes. Either way, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your age, address and occupation. Online quotes can often be cheaper than ones that are given over the phone.

At the same time the insurer will try to sell you insurance add-ons such as legal expenses insurance, breakdown cover and enhanced personal accident insurance.

Most insurers specialise in certain areas of the market, for example low or high-risk cars or people of a certain age, so it’s worth trying at least four or five when calling round.

Using a price comparison site

Price comparison sites such as MoneySupermarket, Go Compare, Confused and Compare The Market can save you time if you’re looking for a car insurance deal.

You enter your details once and receive a list of quotes in order of price.

Be aware that no two price comparison sites are the same as they have access to a different range of insurers and are therefore unlikely to yield the same results, so it’s best to use at least two sites to compare the quotes against each other.

Also, be aware that the likes of Direct Line and Aviva aren’t featured on price comparison sites, so you will need to call them or go onto their website.

Buying through a broker

If you have got a non-standard sports or high performance car, it may be hard to get affordable cover.

A broker can offer advice on the best cover available for you and to arrange a policy with an insurer for you at a competitive price.