• 2016 Tesla Model Е Review

    As auto fans, we speculate about anything and it for this reason that each of us has been talking about the 2016 Tesla Model E despite that there are two years before its release. To date, only little information has been supplied about model E but based on speculations it is likely to be released soon after model X is released. This to say that the earliest we can expect it is 2017. Length-wise, Model E is expected to reduce by at least 20% when compared to model X. Its power is expected to come from a 48 kWh battery pack capable of powering it for not less than 180 miles.

    2016 Tesla Model E-front view

    2016 Tesla Model E Specs

    Though there isn’t adequate info to detail what we expect the interior and exterior of the 2016 Tesla Model E to look like, it is no doubt there will be variance in size and design when comparing it with its predecessor Model S. For instance, it is expected to be 20% shorter in length. Its power generator will be a bit smaller which means a reduction in overall weight. The interior will be somehow brighter with the most recent decors and finishes. You should also expect a number of user-friendly driving aids such as cruise control, collision control among others. As a user-oriented car, Model E will come readily equipped with comfortably-initiated seats with both leather and strong aluminum supports. The exterior is more than what one can expect since it is expensively furnished with high quality aluminum materials and rightly chosen bright colors. This means that the upcoming Model E can be used for all needs whether formal or casual.

    2016 Tesla Model E-rear view

    2016 Tesla Model E Engine

    We know less about the preferred engine for the aforementioned Model E. However, what we can’t deny is that it will be a great car with sufficient power supply. Basing argument on the kind of batteries featured in Model S, we expect Model E to feature a less powerful battery. This is expected to be a 48 kWh lithium battery which according to most sources will be able to drive the car for not less than 200 miles. Some rumors claim that this will not be the only battery hence there is likelihood that there will be a more powerful alternative battery.

    2016 Tesla Model E Performance

    Power efficient is one of the key areas where Tesla is expected to work on. Most people expect that its performance level will be better than it is with model S. For instance, on a single charge, you should expect the car to drive for at least 300 kilometers before you charge it again. This means that it will have one of the most powerful engines when compared to its competitors.

    2016 Tesla Model E-interior

    2016 Tesla Model E Release and Price

    Based on some recent reports, 2016 Tesla Model E is likely to debut in one of the most known Auto Shows in 2015. That said the probability of the car be designed in 2016 and the sales starting in 2017 is very high. Official details for the price are not yet clarified but there is likelihood that it will go for 35,000 dollars.