• Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe revealed (sort of)

    28th Jun 2015 0 Comments
    So this is the something fast then! The disguised prototype thundering around Hockenheim was an AMG-C63 Coupe, the third and final model in the newly turbocharged C63 range. Well that’s assuming there isn’t an AMG GLC

    "I tried to do neat and tidy, honest"

    “I tried to do neat and tidy, honest”

    At present the only information we have – aside from the pics – is that it will be shown at Frankfurt in September. Expect both 476hp C63 and 510hp C63 S versions to be available with a price somewhere between the saloon and estate. For reference the saloon is £59,795 for a C63 and £66,545 for a C63 S, the estate £60,995 or £67,745.What can we tell from the pics? Well, as suggested by the spy shots, the C-Class Coupe clearly borrows from the S-Class Coupe for its design – no bad thing. Though still disguised, the AMG quad exhausts, an incorporated bootlid spoiler and wider front arches are visible. Like the (much loved) old C63, it’s fairly subtle as uber powerful V8 coupes go. Inevitably comparisons will be made with the M4 but we’ll wait to see the production car before committing to those.

    Ahead of Frankfurt there will be undisguised images as well as UK pricing, which is all well and good. But if this is the something fast, what on earth are those AMG GT test mules?