• Samsung ‘Safety Truck’: Time For Coffee?

    Samsung 'Safety Truck': Time For Coffee?
    Prepare your best ‘not sure if serious’ memes here. Because this video shows a solution to the perennial overtaking problem that is so simple it’s quite hard to believe. It has been devised by Samsung and demonstrated in Argentina, where overtaking incidents on single-carriageway roads are rife. Cars desperate to overtake trundling lorries make moves that aren’t safe and, well, you know what happens next.So how’s this for an idea? Cameras in the front of trucks that project the road ahead to four screens at the back, giving following cars a perfect view of the road ahead. No more peering out and exposing yourself to danger, and no more risky moves from misjudging spaces.It appears to work perfectly, as you may expect from a Samsung advert for a Samsung technology. But the logic is brilliant, making it seem more surprising that nothing like this is already available in the mainstream. Let’s hope it can attract enough support to move beyond the project stage.

    Watch the video here.