• Range Rover SVAutobiography

    We all know there’s been many customers clamouring after a more expensive Range Rover for a while now. There’s now a JLR subdivision with a remit of very special flagship products. Combine the two and this is the result.

    Too posh for a picnic blanket? Fixed that... Too posh for a picnic blanket? Fixed that…

    The Range Rover SVAutobiography is described as taking the Range Rover “to even greater heights of design sophistication and levels of luxury execution.” To that end the rear seats (look at them!) have a chiller compartment, powered deployable table, solid aluminium coat hooks and deep twist pile mohair carpets.And if that isn’t enough, have a look at the ‘Event Seating’ at the rear. And you thought the split tailgate was just useful for shopping… They may look like shoe shine seats but are apparently designed to “appeal to those who appreciate the duality of Range Rover’s ‘business and pleasure’ characteristics.” So once hedge fund deals are complete from the rear pews, one can enjoy the polo (or something) from the Event Seating. Marvellous.

    Whoever has the privilege of the driver’s seat will enjoy knurled aluminium across the dash. Oh, and 550hp. Yep, the SVAutobiography is available with the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 in its more powerful format, as found in the Sport SVR and F-Type V8. The SDV6 diesel hybrid and SDV8 diesel are also available but, really, who wants to be seen in an SVAutobiography hybrid?

    This one's for the backseat driversThis one’s for the backseat drivers

    The ‘Duo-tone’ paint seen here is optional, designed to “create true distinction and individualism”. Normal colours are available for those who don’t fancy a Santorini Black upper body and one of nine finishes for the lower. All SVAutobiography Rangies though will have a unique polished chrome grille, new badges and, for the supercharged V8, four exhaust pipes.The SVAutobiography is being launched at New York with a MY16 update to the rest of the Range Rover line up. The supercharged V8 SVAutobiography costs £148,900 and is on sale in the summer. Form a most orderly British queue now.

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    • arkenphel 2 days ago
      Wow, that’s nice!

      I even like the paint job!

    • Usget 2 days ago
      Vulgar but… sort of good vulgar.
    • swisstoni 2 days ago
      A wild ride for the 3rd row passengers.
    • mrclav 2 days ago
      The interior in that looks like an absolutely lovely place to spend time.
    • Impasse 2 days ago