• INFO: Did you lose your driving licence over the weekend?

    1st Jan 2015 0 Comments

    INFO: Did you lose your driving licence over the weekend? You can replace it online using the official GOV.UK website at: www.gov.uk/apply-online-to-replace-a-driving-licence

    Before you start:

    You should contact the police if your driving licence is stolen.

    Your replacement photocard and paper counterpart should arrive within a week if you apply online.

    To replace your licence you’ll need to:

    • be a resident of Great Britain (there’s a different service in Northern Ireland)
    • not be disqualified from driving for any reason
    • pay £20 by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta debit or credit card
    • have a valid UK passport or other form of identity
    • provide addresses where you’ve lived for the last 3 years

    Provide your driving licence number and National Insurance number if you know them.

    Your photo

    DVLA will use an electronic copy of your passport photo for your photocard driving licence if:

    • your photocard licence is due to expire within 2 years
    • you have a UK passport

    DVLA will tell you if a suitable electronic photo isn’t available. You’ll then need to print a form and send it to them with a new photograph.

    You can make sure the photo on your licence is updated by using the photo driving licence renewal service. You need a valid UK passport to do this online.

    What to do if you find your old licence later

    You must return your old licence to DVLA explaining what’s happened if you find it after applying for or receiving a replacement.